How to use an endoscope to inspect a car engine

Car owners who like German cars must be car owners with specific cultivation and knowledge and are willing to learn about some car maintenance issues. Some time ago, some drivers exchanged opinions, reflecting that there are many corrosion spots on the cover of the BMW 3 Series engine and generator, and asked whether it would affect safety. My answer is no!

Since the organic matter required for mold growth is absent on the engine and generator surfaces, it can be concluded that these spots are not mold. These parts are made of aluminum alloy die casting. After curing, an oxide film should form on the surface. This aluminum oxide film can prevent further oxidation of the internal aluminum and play a protective role. However, the microstructure of aluminum alloy dies castings is loose, containing various metal or non-metal inclusions, and voids are prone to appear on the surface. Suppose the oxide film is not dense, for example. In that case, there is a gap in the middle of the film, or the compound of other elements causes a crack, or foreign chemical substances damage the film. The corrosive gas or medium can easily invade the gap and cause corrosion. After corrosion, aluminum oxides exist in the form of powder and fibers. In addition, the color of oxides of elements such as copper in the aluminum alloy seems to contrast with the surrounding background color, like mold. It’s not mold; it’s surface oxidation. Therefore, the essence of the spot should be the oxidation corrosion on the surface of the die-casting aluminum alloy. Our naked eyes cannot observe the above situations; we can only rely on the car endoscope to complete them.

How do I check my vehicle engine? This is a problem that many car owners are troubled by. First, we review the entire space in the order of the machine, generator, oil circuit, oil circuit, and control sensing circuit. Periscope and endoscopy can be used if available. These can be found in the Baidu search endoscope factory, and they are not too expensive to buy. Then open the upper cover of the engine and check the connecting parts and metal body. The external corrosion of these aluminum alloy parts has little effect on the vehicle’s performance. This phenomenon can be significantly delayed as long as they are checked and wiped frequently.
Avoid spilling or splashing when adding oil and liquid at ordinary times. Because it prevents fat from dripping on the metal body, if it leaks, wipe it off in time. In rainy, snowy, and freezing weather, the body should be cleaned and wiped, and the engine compartment should be brushed and dried after using the car. At present, the air quality is not good, acid rain and suspended particles are inevitable, and sulfur and dust accelerate the corrosion of aluminum alloy under certain conditions. In freezing weather, snowmelt will be sprinkled on the road. This industrial salt is corrosive. Pay attention to cleaning the body and chassis after driving. After all, washing is healthier.

As well-educated car owners, we must master the endoscope to perform daily inspections of the engine compartment.

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