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Diameter Selection

0.78mm Probe
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1mm Probe
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1.2mm Probe
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1.6mm Probe
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1.8mm Probe
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2.0mm Probe
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Highlighted Features

Full bore interchangeable


Our probes have pipe diameters of various sizes, which is convenient for free switching across multiple working conditions. Appropriate lenses can achieve more accurate and effective inspection and maintenance results.

Quality First

The Quality You Need

Our inspection equipment provides exceptional quality and reliability, enabling high-precision inspection and measurement to meet various inspection needs. We aim to ensure you achieve the best inspection results and production efficiency.

Multifunctional and easy to use

Comprehensive Multi-Functional Inspection.

Our industrial videoscopes can be equipped with various detection functions, such as measurement, video recording, photography, navigation, etc. so that users can comprehensively understand the detected object.

Customized to Your Needs

Save Time and Costs

Effortless Maintenance and Customization for Your Needs. Our industrial endoscopes feature a simple and easy-to-disassemble design, enabling you to quickly maintain and clean your equipment. Additionally, we offer customized lens and functionality options to suit your needs, ensuring your inspection needs are met efficiently and effectively.


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