S70 Motorized Videoscope

Product support: OEM, ODM

Product certification: CE certification, pipeline IP68 certification, host IP54 certification, high and low-temperature certification

Enterprise Qualification: Has obtained enterprise ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 product quality system certification



Host size: 320mm in length, 198mm in width, and 150mm in height.

Packaging size: 560mm360mm230mm (luggage box: weight 6kg)

Screen size: 7.0 inches (touchscreen) monitor with protective cover, supports replaceable screen.

Screen resolution: 1920*1200

Screen material: IPS full-view angle touch screen


Operating system: Linux/Ubuntu Chinese operating system, user interface menu driven by buttons or touchscreen, upgradable to a 3D measurement system.

Image zoom: supports real-time online 4x zooming, up to 8x magnification during image playback.

Recording function: equipped with photo and video recording function, can capture images while recording.

Watermark: supports time and logo watermarks, and logo watermarks can be replaced.

Simultaneous display: different screens can display the same content, the host screen and external display screen can display at the same time, more convenient for multiple people to view.

Probe temperature display: real-time display of probe temperature, with over-temperature warning alarm.

Image-assisted measurement: crosshair reference line.

Menu language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and more than ten other languages.

Screen backlight brightness: 4-level adjustable.

File format: Images are stored in JPEG/BMP format, videos in MP4/AVI format.

Video playback: video playback can be fast-forwarded or rewound.

Image rotation: real-time images can be rotated by 0°/90°/180°/270°.

File preview: file preview can be displayed in list or grid view, with options to view in full-screen mode, delete files, copy files, and rename files.

Image preview: doodling and marking on pictures with text, arrows, circles, and squares, with added time and logo watermarks.

Image color: color, black and white, negative, brilliant, etc. with an image processing system that has gain control.

Output port: HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, USB3.0

Voice playback: two speakers.

Recording function: imported anti-howling microphone head.

Storage medium: built-in EMMC 64G storage, can be externally connected to a USB flash drive.

Camera pixel: 160,000, 520,000, 1 million, 2 million pixels compatible.

Camera depth of field: 2-20mm, 3-50mm, 5-100mm, 10-150mm, 20mm-infinite, others can be customized.

Camera field of view angle: 80°, 100°, 120°, 140°.

Light source: front LED lighting, rear fiber optic lighting can be selected.

LED light illumination: continuous adjustment and automatic LED light brightness mode.


Pipeline diameter: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 6.0mm, 8.3mm.

Pipeline length: 1-12 meters can be selected, longer lengths need to be customized.

Probe diameter: 1.6mm (160,000 pixels, 520,000 pixels), 2.0mm (160,000 pixels, 520,000 pixels), 2.8mm (1 million pixels), 3.9mm (1 million pixels), 6.0mm (100/200 million pixels), 8.3 (100/200 million pixels)

Probe observation direction: Direct view, side view, direct side view interchangeable, direct side view integrated.

Probe material: Titanium alloy.

Probe unidirectional bending angle: 180° ± 10°.

Probe bending control: Electric rocker 360° freely lockable fine-tuning, step-by-step, fast and slow speed adjustment, automatic reset, fast and slow bending speed switchable, fast and slow bending speed adjustable, with reset and positioning function.

Pipeline material: 4-layer wear-resistant tungsten alloy wire braided tube.

Pipeline can be replaced: The host and pipeline can be detachable and replaceable with Ø 1.6mm ~ 8.3mm pipe diameter, interchangeable at will.

Host material: Stainless steel + aluminum alloy + ABS + PC + silicone rubber.

Camera temperature range: -25 ℃ to 90℃.

Host Part

Host working temperature: -25℃ ~ 60℃.

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 60℃.

Relative humidity: 15% ~ 90% without condensation.

Camera real-time transmission distance: ≤10m.

Host net weight: <3Kg (including battery).

Whole machine drop rating: 1 meter drop.

Working voltage: DC 20V.

Power: >30W.

Battery: 3 rechargeable 21700 lithium batteries, single battery capacity 5000mAh.

Total battery capacity: 3.6V 15000mAh.

Charging method: Online charging lithium battery, charging power adapter AC 220V, 50-60Hz.

Battery life: ≥6 hours.

Waterproof rating: Host IP55, pipeline IP68, dustproof, waterproof, oil-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

Inner packaging: environmentally friendly high hardness EVA.

Instrument packaging box: high-end pull rod box.

Packaging weight: ≤ 13 kg.

Optional Functions

Optional functions: WIFI real-time wireless transmission function, explosion-proof function, ultra-high precision three-dimensional measurement function, defect recognition function, and more functions support customization.


Product Warranty: Equipment service life > 5 years, whole machine warranty for 1 year, lifetime maintenance

Standard Shipping Contents: Main unit, pipeline, 3 x 5000mAh 21700 lithium batteries (explosion-proof certified), power adapter set, 32G USB drive, shoulder strap, user manual, warranty card, qualification certificate, lens cleaning kit. Optional accessories include a Micro HDMI connection cable and a portable pull rod protective box.


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