QS40 high temperature resistant endoscope

Product support: OEM, ODM

Product certification: CE certification, pipeline IP68 certification, host IP54 certification, high and low-temperature certification

Enterprise Qualification: Has obtained enterprise ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 product quality system certification


QS40 high-temperature resistant video endoscope application fields:

Automobile precision manufacturing and maintenance, precision machining and manufacturing, and quality inspection of oil nozzles and pumps.

Comparative advantages of QS40 high-temperature resistant video endoscope:

1. Easy to carry, easy to operate, clear image;

2. Self-developed software system, updated in real-time, supports remote software upgrades;

3. Responsible for the appearance, the color can be customized, and the stock is sufficient for delivery in seconds;

4. Ten years of precipitation, excellent functions, lower prices, and more favorable prices for large quantities;

5. Large daylight screen, 32G large memory, can be equipped with cleaning device;

6. 5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, longer use;

7. A high-temperature setting can be added,, and the maximum temperature is 1600°, please consult customer service.

*Pipeline waterproof has been upgraded to IP68 waterproof

*Support customized 100℃-1600℃ high temperature resistant industrial endoscope

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