2.8mm high-definition universal industrial videoscope

Product support: OEM, ODM

Product certification: CE certification, pipeline IP68 certification, host IP54 certification, high and low-temperature certification

Enterprise Qualification: Has obtained enterprise ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 product quality system certification


1. Pipe diameter: 2.8mm, pipeline: 1-3 meters.

2. Image: It adopts a one million-pixel high-definition 720P industrial camera, which can clearly and accurately reflect the measured object’s static image and dynamic video, collect image information, and save it to the memory card.

2. Lighting method: front LED lighting, brightness level 9 adjustments;

3. Shooting and recording functions: the device has a camera and video storage function, and the captured image files can be stored as JPEG/BMP files, and the video format is MP4 files, which can restore the details of the scene more realistically; it is equipped with play, pause, Fast forward and rewind functions.

4. Output port: Mini HDMI high-definition multimedia video output port, which can transmit uncompressed high-definition video with high quality, providing users with a more incredible visual experience.

5. Lightweight and portable: The machine only weighs 0.45kg (including battery), and the integrated handheld design makes it easy to carry.

6. Guidance system: The probe is controlled by a mechanical rocker for 360° all-round continuous guidance, and the steering angle in one direction is more significant than 90°. There is no delay in operation, and the steering is precise, giving users the best working experience.

7. Image preview: look back at the adopted list; you can watch and delete it in full screen in preview mode.

Product parameters:

Probe diameter φ2.8mm
Pixel 1000000
Depth of Field 3-50mm
Field of view 120°
Effective Working Length 1-3 meters
Bend control Unidirectional ≥90°
Brightness adjustment Nine levels of adjustment
Illumination The highest illuminance can reach 18000lx
Display 4.3 inches WVGA(800*480) daylight screen
Display Viewing Angle 120°
Display Resolution 800*RGB* 480
Image resolution 1280*720
Video resolution 1280*720
Picture video format Pictures are stored as JPEG/BMP; videos are stored as MP4
Image flip “0°, 90°, 180°, 270° flip”
Look back display The review adopts the list preview method, in the preview mode, full-screen viewing/deletion/
Image zoom function Real-time 4x zoom and 8x partial zoom when viewing pictures
Remote Connection Connect to a computer to remotely view the on-site situation of the measured object in real-time.
Menu language selection Chinese, English, Russian and other ten languages are optional
Storage device Standard 32G capacity TF card
Data interface Mini H DIM port
Host machine
Host size 295mm*136mm*60mm
System weight ≤0.45kg(Including battery weight)
Chassis size 415mm*340mm*144mm
Replaceable insertion tube The spare insertion tube can be replaced by yourself.
Mainframe base Super magnetic solid adsorption base (optional)
Protective Probes, objective lenses, and pipelines can withstand IP67 oil-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion
Drop level 1 meter
Power supply
Power Rechargeable lithium battery (replaceable)
Battery capacity 4.2V, 5000mAh
Host working hours ≥6 hours
Charging parameters DC5V, maximum current 2A
Operating environment
Operating temperature of host system -10°C~50°C, the LCD screen needs to be preheated below 0°C
Video probe working temperature -20°C~60°C

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