60m/120m pipeline endoscope

Product support: OEM, ODM

Product certification: CE certification, pipeline IP68 certification, host IP54 certification, high and low-temperature certification

Enterprise Qualification: Has obtained enterprise ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 product quality system certification


60m/120m pipeline endoscope real shot

The main parameters of the 60m/120m pipeline endoscope are as follows:

Camera size: φ50mmX118mm
Sensor size: 1/3 SONY CCD
Angle of view: 90°
Working Current/Voltage 250MA/DC12V
Camera lights: 6 bright LED lights
manual focus
Resolution: 960TV Line
Lens material: Sapphire glass
Shell material Aluminum alloy
Self-balancing function
Coil size: φ768LX369WX820Hmm
Cable material: fiberglass thread
Cable length: 60m(Standard)
Cable Diameter: p9.5mm
Counting function and braking function
Lithium batteries
Total power: 14W
Charging time 5 hours
Protection Voltage 9.3v
Working hours ≥420 minutes
Protective bracket
Bracket 1/2/3: φ110/φ150/φ220mm
Carrying case
Size L511*W430*H200mm
Material ABS waterproof shell


Control Panel
Operating Voltage 12V
Working current 200MA
Storage medium 8G SD card (maximum support 256G) U disk
10-level digital amplification
Photo shooting and video recording
DVR total pixels 720*576(D1)
Video format: MP4
Metric and Imperial Conversion
Reset function
Control handle
50PT rotary control: Horizontal-Left/Right, Vertical-Up/Down, Auto, Speed
50BF focusing Focus+/Focus-
Light adjustment: Brighten and dim
Adapt model A4/B4
Protective bracket
Bracket 1/2/3: φ110/φ150/φ220mm

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