S40 explosion-proof ultra-high-definition industrial videoscope

Product support: OEM, ODM

Product certification: CE certification, pipeline IP68 certification, host IP54 certification, high and low-temperature certification

Enterprise Qualification: Has obtained enterprise ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 product quality system certification


S40 industrial endoscope detection range

  • Inner cavity inspection: check parts and raw materials for internal cavity surface cracks, peeling, wire drawing, scratches, pits, protrusions, spots, corrosion, and other defects;
  • Assembly inspection: check whether each component meets the drawing requirements and whether there are assembly defects;
  • Weld inspection: check surface defects such as weld surface cracks, oxidation color, incomplete penetration, and weld leakage;
  • Residue inspection: check various metal and non-metal residues, cleaning residues, residual chips, foreign objects, etc., in the inner cavity of the component;
  • Processing detection: detection of defects such as burrs, damage, flagging, and so on produced in various mechanical processing processes;
  • Status inspection: detect the operating status of in-service equipment, the quality of the inner surface, etc.

Product use video:

Product Features

1. Ingenious design, in line with ergonomics, the pipeline can be replaced quickly, and the image quality is clear and stable;

2. The software can be updated, customized, and wifi module and audio can be added;

3. The price is moderate, and the pipeline can be changed at will on the same machine, providing customers with different options;

4. 4.3-inch daylight screen, 5000mAh ample power, 32G storage, increase without price increase;

5. More user-friendly customized system, which can be displayed on a large external screen;

6. Probe temperature display: the real-time display of probe temperature and over-temperature warning and alarm;

7. The length is optional, from 0.5 to 12 meters, and longer distances must be customized.

*The pipeline waterproof level has been upgraded to IP68

In addition, S40 industrial video scopes support customized rigid tube video scopes; welcome to consult

The latest accessories for grabbing industrial endoscopes:

Parameter Configuration

Host System
Screen Size 4.3-inch WVGA
Display Resolution 800*480 sunlight-readable screen
Image Zoom Supports real-time 5x zoom and can zoom in up to 9x when viewing photos
LED brightness level Front LED≥18000x, rear 20000lx-100000lx
Auxiliary measurement function Crosshair ruler
Shooting and recording functions With camera and video recording functions
File format The image storage format is BMP/JPEG, and the video storage format is MP4
Image rotation 0°/90°/180/270°
Image preview playback usage list
Host weight 0.4≤Kg (including battery)
Probe diameter (±0.1mm) φ1.6 φ2.0 φ2.8 φ3.9 φ6 φ8
Camera pixels 160,000/500,000 160,000/500,000 160,000/500,000/1 million 1 million 1 million / 2 million 2 million
Observation direction look straight at Direct/sideways Direct/sideways Direct/sideways Direct/sideways Direct/sideways
Depth of field 3-60mm 3-60mm 3-60mm 3-120mm 3-120mm 10mm~00
Field of view
Field of view
100°/120° 100/120° 100°/120° 100°/120° 100°/120° 100°/120°
Pipeline working length ≤1meter 1~3meters optional 1~3meters optional
Piping systems
Lighting method Front LED lighting or rear LED fiber light guide, manual 9-level adjustment
Probe guidance capability 360° continuous guidance in all directions
The one-way bending angle of the probe Within 5 rice≥ 160°±10°, 5 rice or more≥120°±10°
Pipeline material Within 5 rice≥ 160°±10°, 5 rice or more≥120°±10°
Probe material Titanium alloy
Guided control mode Mechanical control
Power supply method 1 x 21700 rechargeable lithium battery
Host working hours 1 x 21700 rechargeable lithium battery
Standard configuration Instrument box, main engine, pipeline, operation manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity,
Shipping list, 32GTF card, lanyard, charger, 1m charging cable,
Card reader, dust-free cloth, cable tie, 1 section of 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable
Lithium battery, base
Options Magnetic base, telescoping pole, foreign body clamp

Product installation video:

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